Tustin California Trust Administration Lawyer  

Seasoned Trust Attorney in Southern California

If you have been named the trustee over the assets of a loved one who has died, you have my condolences for your loss. The responsibilities of a trustee are very serious ones and may feel like a burden while you are already going through the grieving process.

I help trustees (persons legally assigned to administer the trust assets) fulfill their obligations and confront any litigation claims. For assistance with all trust-related matters, contact me to arrange a consultation at my Tustin law office.

Providing Skilled Guidance to Trustees                   

Trust administration is, in many ways, less stressful than the probate process, because your efforts to implement the provisions of the trust will not generally be supervised by the court system unless there are some failures in the process. The law and/or the trust documents may require you to make regular accountings to certain parties, but otherwise, the process remains squarely in your control.

However, you are still legally required to faithfully fulfill your obligations as the trust administrator, and if you fail to do so, you could open yourself up to costly trust litigation.

The lack of court supervision means that many responsibilities are squarely on the shoulders of the trustee, with no guidance from judges or the court system. If you have been made responsible for the administration of a trust, you need skilled assistance from an experienced estate lawyer.

Helping You through Every Aspect of the Trust Administration Process

I can help you make sure you comply with the provisions in the trust and administer funds appropriately. I can also assist you in preparing any documents required by the court in any trust dispute. If a dispute does arise that requires trust litigation, I can counsel you about your role in the matter. Contact me today to arrange a consultation to discuss any questions you have regarding the trust administration process.