Orange County Partnership Dissolutions Lawyer

Effective Partnership Dissolution Services in Tustin, California

When business partners have a falling out or jointly decide to dissolve their business ties, it is important to have the assistance of a competent business law attorney who can make sure every issue is attended to and who can protect your future business interests and goals.

I am here to learn your goals and work towards a resolution that achieves them, so you preserve your reputation in the professional community and move your career forward. If you have questions concerning the best way to proceed with a partnership dissolution, contact me to schedule a consultation at my Tustin office.

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Decisive Business Litigation Assistance for all Business Dissolutions

The legal work involved in handling a partnership dispute can involve experience in several different areas of law. It may be necessary to arbitrate a disputed point under an existing co-ownership agreement and/or initiate a civil lawsuit to protect my client's rights with regard to a single issue so that the business can move forward afterward. However, most often, a business divorce must occur, and I can help you through every part of this process, no matter which of the following options you choose:

Voluntary dissolution: If all the parties agree to go their separate ways or the business venture is successfully completed, voluntary dissolution is usually the best and easiest option. I can help you execute a dissolution agreement, which may include division of business property, notifying existing clients and winding up business transactions, assumption of liabilities and, in certain situations, a non-compete agreement. I can also help in situations where one partner wants to sell off their interest to the other partners, or I can help negotiate the sale of a business when all partners agree to sell to another corporate entity.

Involuntary dissolution: Sometimes, a dissolution lawsuit may be necessary if a partner or major shareholder are in a dispute about any issues related to the business, and this is keeping the business from being productive or profitable. The court is then brought in to order the payment of liabilities, order a division of assets and order a dissolution of the business entity. One of the main purposes of business dissolution lawsuit is the right to seek an accounting from the controlling defendant, which is a formalized report of all income, expenses, assets and liabilities during a period of time. If you are the named defendant, as your counsel, I will help you prepare this complex document correctly.

Litigation involving receivership: If you believe dissolving a partnership is necessary to control an alleged wrongdoer, we can petition the court to appoint a receiver to manage the business, submit periodic reports or accountings to the court detailing business activities as well as oversee the distribution of assets once dissolution is ordered by the court. I will also help you investigate and substantiate claims of breach of fiduciary duty, including fraud, embezzlement or other wrongdoing that is not in the company's best interests and can directly affect its profitability. If you have been accused of these infractions, I can help you build a defense and respond to these allegations.

Partnership dissolutions may be an easy transition or a contentious process. No matter what situation you are in, I can help you preserve your interests and protect your rights. Contact me today to discuss your concerns during a private consultation.