Tustin California Partnership Dispute Lawyer

Sorting Out Partnership Disputes

A dispute between business partners in a company where the owners are intimately involved in daily operations can end in orderly dissolution, continuation of the business by some partners with fair compensation for others or a messy fight that destroys everyone's investment.

My goal when I am representing a California business client involved in a dispute with a partner or partners is to avoid the third possibility by taking smart, effective legal actions. Contact me to schedule a consultation at my Tustin office. Get your questions answered by speaking to Robert L. Wishner at 714-665-3900 before things get more complicated.

Counseling Clients through “Business Divorces”

I represent business owners involved in partnership disputes over ownership and control of their businesses, as well as illegal or fraudulent actions. I can help you assert your interests in disputes over such issues as:

  • Embezzlement/theft from the business
  • Violation of buy-sell agreements and partnership agreements
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Disputes over ownership of business property
  • Disputes over day-to-day business operations

Especially in closely held businesses, these sorts of disputes can have an emotional element, with clients feeling their trust has been betrayed. Often, resolution of partnership disputes takes the form of a "business divorce," which can be just as stressful and involved as a marital one.

I have the experience to effectively counsel clients toward the best possible resolutions to disputes between business partners. I seek negotiated solutions when possible, but I am fully prepared to go to court if necessary to enforce your rights.

Breadth of Experience at Your Service

I have been handling these cases over the past nearly 40 years of legal practice. I have the experience necessary to proceed through the work methodically and efficiently so as to reduce the cost of protecting your rights. Contact me to discuss how I can help you through a business partnership dispute.

Contact Attorney Robert L. Wishner at 714-665-3900 to discuss how to achieve a favorable outcome for your legal problem.