Tustin Real Estate Attorney – Robert L. Wishner

California Real Estate Transaction Lawyer

If you are involved in any commercial or residential real estate transaction — whether you are a buyer, seller, broker, landlord or tenant — the counsel of an experienced real estate attorney can be invaluable in your effort to pursue the maximum possible benefit from your investment.

Guiding You through Commercial Sales and Leases

Commercial real estate transactions almost always involve one or more complex factors that require the attention of an experienced attorney. These transactions are negotiable, involving business interests that may converge at certain points and part ways at others.

I have years of experience representing buyers, sellers, brokers and other clients in all aspects of commercial real estate transactions, including negotiation and drafting of contracts, due diligence and environmental issues like toxic contamination.

Commercial leases are also typically complex agreements that are often effective for significantly longer terms that the average residential lease. I handle the negotiation and drafting of commercial leases on behalf of landlords and tenants.

Offering Skilled Advice on Residential Transactions

Residential real estate transactions can also involve complex issues, and even the most standard residential transactions could represent a serious investment on the part of the buyer and a serious risk on the part of the seller. Real estate brokers may be helpful at many points in the residential real estate process, but for sound legal advice, you should consult a licensed attorney.

I am readily available to examine residential real estate documents, including contracts, title deeds and mortgage loan agreements, in order to make sure everything is in order and suggest points for negotiation.

Whether you are involved in a real estate transaction or a real estate dispute, don't hesitate to contact me.