Tustin California Business Law Lawyer  

Comprehensive Representation for California Businesses

My business law experience is varied and extensive. During my legal career of nearly 40 years, I have worked at bigger and smaller firms, representing businesses and individuals in a variety of business-related claims. I have served as outside or general counsel for several large companies and advised countless smaller businesses on day-to-day matters of business law.

When you need an experienced California business law attorney for any transactional or litigation matter, you can rely on me to provide efficient legal services focused on your goals and your bottom line. Contact me at my office in Tustin to discuss your legal needs in any of the following areas:

Business Formation and Operation

There are several important legal steps that must be taken to start a business and keep it operating in compliance with the law. Failure to observe these legal formalities could open you up to personal liability in business disputes. I have efficiently counseled many businesses on their legal operations.

Contracts and Commercial Transactions

Contractual relationships are a driving force for efficient commerce. Any time you enter into a contract, you are making a commitment that you should only make with full knowledge of the potential consequences. I help clients negotiate and draft contracts to meet their business needs, whether these deal with real estate, purchases, sales or other issues.

Disputes with business partners

In a company where each partner plays or has played a hands-on role in the creation and operation of the business, partnership disputes can be particularly frustrating and damaging to the business. The guidance of an experienced lawyer can make a huge difference in untangling these disputes.

Business and commercial disputes

Whether your business has a legal claim against another business or has been sued by an individual or business, I can help you protect your rights and assert your interests. I handle a range of commercial disputes, including insurance claims and claims for breach of contract, unfair competition, fraud and shareholder disputes.

I understand the needs and concerns of entrepreneurs and business owners in Southern California. Contact me to discuss how I can serve you and your business.

Partnership Dissolutions

Sometimes a business can outgrow a partnership and other times conflict arises about goals, objectives and strategy. When your partnership must be dissolved, it is important to seek legal counsel to protect your rights.

Real Estate Litigation

In real estate matters conflicts can come up between landlords and tenants, owners and venders, and may involve land use issues as well as nondisclosure and misrepresentation.

Estate Planning and Probate

Planning for your family’s security and succession planning go hand in hand with live planning and business operations. Probate is a process required by law for large and mid-sized estates. The purpose of planning and probate includes complying with the law as well as carrying out your wishes.